We Live Eventurously…Care To Join?

Have you ever had to make a life changing decision? Have you ever left your job, broke up with your significant other, or packed up your life and moved to a new city? These are not light decisions to make, but sometimes what stands in between you and happiness is comfort. This comfort zone, although cozy and familiar, can hold you back from reaching your full potential.

We at Eventurously found that out together. Kelsey and Amanda – two girls born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, made our way to New York City in 2011 with no job, no apartment, and no career direction. Although we floated through a few jobs over the years, we were never fully satisfied.

Being best friends since we were 13, and both at continuous crossroads in our careers, we were looking for a drastic career (and life) change. Amanda was no longer interested in staying in her role at a law firm, and Kelsey was over working for a large technology company, but definitely did not want to leave the startup world. We both wanted/needed something new, but were terrified of change. After much discussion, and unconditional love and support from our family and friends, we decided we must quit our jobs and start fresh. What better person to completely leave your comfort zone with than your best friend? We dove in headfirst.

Next step was to figure out WHAT to do. What were we good at (besides being awesome)? Planning and organizing awesome events, that’s what! In October of 2013, Amanda and I incorporated and officially started Eventurously. We now pride ourselves on being the premiere event planning company catered to the event and marketing needs of startups in NYC. We’re able to say say that we’ve worked with incredible companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Vine, and Urban Compass. We’re learning something new every day, and have never been happier! Although some days are challenging, we’re in this together. We wake up every morning exciting to see what the day brings, and how we can better ourselves, each other, and Eventurously.

So what is your Living Eventurously take away? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Join us on our startup journey as we post about our company’s highs & lows, events, technology, New York City, and all things we deem epic (be prepared for multiple food posts and lots of laughs).

We Live Eventurously…Care To Join?


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