You Trippin?

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Imagine you enter a bar and walk to the back of the room where you approach a dark corner. Someone is waiting there and hands you a drink ticket and two red pills. They tell you to pop one into your mouth, let it dissolve, and you’ll start tripping within the next few minutes.

Sounds like something illegal? Not even close. You’re just one of the 150 attendees at the Flavor Tripping Party hosted by Eventurously and Fiestah.

This centuries-old concept is the consumption of a miracle fruit that leaves a flavor-distorting effect on your tongue, dulling your sour taste bud receptors, ultimately making tangy things (e.g. lemons, grapefruits, vinegar) taste amazingly delicious. These miracle berries are incidentally not a drug at all but are rather perfectly legal fruits.

We were beyond intrigued, and had to try it out for ourselves. We joined forces with Fiestah to find the flavor tripping tablets (thanks Mberry!), a venue, food, and attendees to come and give their taste buds a trip of a lifetime. At 6pm, people were at The Village Pourhouse ready to partake in this unique experience and we immediately began handing out these little red pills.

Once the tablets had dissolved on their tongues and they officially started tripping, we encouraged attendees to walk along the food tables and start taste testing. We offered a variety of foods ranging from bleu cheese, lemons and limes, and salt and vinegar chips, to hot sauce, carrots and vinegar. Each food had a voting sheet near to share individual thoughts on the new flavor tripping taste. You trippin? Or does it taste the same?

In one corner, Beanie Lau threw her head back to take a shot of hot sauce. “Wow, I usually can’t do this with hot sauce!” she exclaimed with a confused look on her face as she tried to understand the new taste in her mouth.

Across the the room, Andrew Herzog exclaimed, “WOW. That’s the sweetest citrus fruit ever. That’s amazing!” as he happily chewed on a lemon wedge. “Wait until you try the lime,” someone shouted from the other side of the table.

“These lemons taste like a pixie stick! Woah…” Kristina Vanni, a food blogger for Better Recipes posted on Instagram. Read more about her flavor tripping experience here.


People were tripping all around us, and it was awesome! At the end of the night, the attendees votes were heard: limes, lemons and grapefruits tasted drastically different (like sugar coated candy), vinegar tasted like sweet wine, and carrots and bleu cheese tasted the same (wamp wamp).

We wanted to officially thank everyone for trippin’ with Eventurously and Fiestah on a random Wednesday night. Check out more photos from the night here. We’ll be hosting a Flavor Tripping Party 2.0 in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for a bigger and better tripping opportunity…


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s that time of year again, where the city turns green and everyone says “kiss me, I’m Irish” (we’re on to you people – we’re not convinced you’re all Irish). Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Although this leprechaun-tastic day actually falls on Monday, March 17th, our great city will be buzzing with activities all weekend long.

Trying to become a part of the chaos? We got you covered. Here are a few fun things to do around NYC this weekend!

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC – Join the crowd for the famous New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

  2. Pub Crawls – Looking for NYC’s best Irish pub? Hit up a few of them on this epic bar crawl.

  3. Walking Tours – Big Onion is holding a special walking tour for St. Patrick’s weekend! Explore the former “Little Ireland” district of the LES.

  4. Real Irish Cooking – This hands-on cooking class gives you a chance to both prepare and enjoy a traditional Irish lunch, including beef-and-Guinness stew, Dublin-style parsnip colcannon and “spotted dog” sweet cake—a thick raisin soda bread.

  5. Scavenger Hunt – The Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt is part scavenger hunt, part obstacle course and ALL New York. This hunt celebrates St. Patty’s day, so expect more than a few bar challenges and loads of fun.

  6. Eventbrite St. Patrick’s Day Events – for endless party possibilities, head over to Eventbrite and check out their 1700+ party listings for this weekend’s celebrations!

Hope everyone has a green and safe weekend!

RePopRoom: A Creative Community

Company Name: RePopRoom

One of the best things about leaving your comfort zone to start your own company is being able to do it with your best friend. But even better is making great friends along the way, like Suzanne and Megan from RePopRoom who share a similar story to ours.

After working several years in the coworking industry, Suzanne Kennedy and Megan Mallow conceived the concept of a co-market space for creatives. As true entrepreneurs do, they believed so much in their vision that they decided to leave their comfort zones to start RePopRoom.

Known in the creative world as “RPR”, this design house bridges the gap between retail + pop-up shop + showroom. RPR helps creative individuals/brands make it work, and make it work well by offering affordable and flexible physical space, and services and amenities to grow. At its core, RPR is a curated, membership based community for creative companies and individuals.

Interested in learning more? We definitely were. Two female best friends who started their own company in NYC? We were sold.

Eventurously: Tell us something nobody knows about Suzanne and Megan!

Suzanne: I am constantly scared to death when I see how everything truly works itself out. Really, I am.

Megan: Suzanne and I laugh every single day. We eat hummus every single day. And, we listen to Lil’ Kim Pandora station every single day. I’m not even sure I’m exaggerating.

E: What’s your favorite aspect of RPR?

S: RPR as a whole. Generic, I know, but from member interviews, to hosting outside events, to changing the lightbulbs and trash bins – I love it all.

M: The energy and drive of our members and the amazing people we get to meet everyday. Many of them have sacrificed a lot to do what they love and it’s incredibly inspiring.

E: Whats next for RPR?

RePopRoom: RePopRoom is always up to something! We are really looking forward to our upcoming event line up, continuing to renovate our space for our members, and winter ending so we can enjoy The High Line which our space overlooks! Please check out our website for the latest and greatest at RePopRoom:

Are You Going To South by Southwest (SXSW)?



Eventurously had a great time over the past month partnering with awesome startups to throw Pre-SXSW events (we’re looking at you Fiestah, StartupThreads, and AlleyNYC). But the time has come, and the official SXSW Festival is finally here! Unfortunately we won’t be able to make it this year, but are wishing all of our friends heading down to Austin the best of luck, and to have a kick ass time (and make sure to check out some insider tips from our friend Angela from Eventbrite).

SXSW-bound? What are you most excited about? We asked a few of our friends…

Frank Denbow (Startup Threads): “I’m excited about getting tons of free t-shirts and refreshing my wardrobe with new swag.” #classicfrank

Angela Giacchetti (Eventbrite): “Eventbrite is hosting a big bash with Governor’s Ball on March 12th.”

Gary Sharma (Gary’s Guide): “I really look forward to the serendipitous random run-ins on the streets in Austin, friends from SF, London, Boston that I haven’t seen in a while, and then also making new friends and striking up conversations waiting in line for tacos etc.”

If you’re looking to party while at the festival, Gary is the man to know. He has put together an epic guide to 200+ parties happening over the next 10 days. Interested in attending some? Check out his ultimate guide to SXSW Interactive 2014 parties here.

Safe travels to Austin, and we can’t wait to hear what crazy stories and break news happens over the next 10 days!