RePopRoom: A Creative Community

Company Name: RePopRoom

One of the best things about leaving your comfort zone to start your own company is being able to do it with your best friend. But even better is making great friends along the way, like Suzanne and Megan from RePopRoom who share a similar story to ours.

After working several years in the coworking industry, Suzanne Kennedy and Megan Mallow conceived the concept of a co-market space for creatives. As true entrepreneurs do, they believed so much in their vision that they decided to leave their comfort zones to start RePopRoom.

Known in the creative world as “RPR”, this design house bridges the gap between retail + pop-up shop + showroom. RPR helps creative individuals/brands make it work, and make it work well by offering affordable and flexible physical space, and services and amenities to grow. At its core, RPR is a curated, membership based community for creative companies and individuals.

Interested in learning more? We definitely were. Two female best friends who started their own company in NYC? We were sold.

Eventurously: Tell us something nobody knows about Suzanne and Megan!

Suzanne: I am constantly scared to death when I see how everything truly works itself out. Really, I am.

Megan: Suzanne and I laugh every single day. We eat hummus every single day. And, we listen to Lil’ Kim Pandora station every single day. I’m not even sure I’m exaggerating.

E: What’s your favorite aspect of RPR?

S: RPR as a whole. Generic, I know, but from member interviews, to hosting outside events, to changing the lightbulbs and trash bins – I love it all.

M: The energy and drive of our members and the amazing people we get to meet everyday. Many of them have sacrificed a lot to do what they love and it’s incredibly inspiring.

E: Whats next for RPR?

RePopRoom: RePopRoom is always up to something! We are really looking forward to our upcoming event line up, continuing to renovate our space for our members, and winter ending so we can enjoy The High Line which our space overlooks! Please check out our website for the latest and greatest at RePopRoom:


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