From Wisconsin to NY With Love


5oz Factory

If you are from Wisconsin, you’ve definitely had cheese. And cheese curds. And cheese melts. And you’ve loved it.

When you moved to NYC, you had concerns about the East Coast’s lack of understanding and appreciation of such cheesy foods. Well fear no more, fellow Big Apple Wisconsinites, 5oz Factory (24 West 8th Street) is here to curb your cravings. Even if your taste buds haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing cheesy heaven, proud Wisconsin native Dan Schuman has opened his Greenwich Village doors to give all New Yorkers the opportunity to do so.

5oz Factory, which specializes in Wisconsin cheese melts and frozen custards, sources the dairy straight from Wisconsin.  Their overstuffed sandwiches come oozing with heaps of cheese, meat and veggies. We wanted to know more, so we  sat down with President and Founder Dan Schuman to ask him a few questions about his new adventure.

Eventurously: What was your inspiration for starting 5oz Factory?

5oz Factory: The inspiration was my childhood treats and loving dairy from Wisconsin and the catalyst for me actually opening the doors to a restaurant was that I didn’t think NYC had what I loved and it was generally hard to find frozen custard or a casual environment to enjoy melts.

E: What is your biggest win so far?

5oz: I think our biggest win is the satisfaction of customers that have tried our product. Understanding that not everyone is going to like your product as people have different taste buds and expectations, but the customer that appreciates what we are doing really enjoys what we have in my experience so far.

E: Whats next for 5oz Factory?

5oz: Continue strategic growth of our current location and determine what might be the next step after that. Really remains unknown as we react to the weather and other unexpected variables and our learning about how to make our experience better day in and day out.



Swerve Fitness: Together We Ride


Company Name: SWERVE Fitness




I’m sure you’ve all have heard of the various indoor cycling classes offered these days, but have you ever heard of SWERVE? Besides being named one of the best new boutique gyms in America by Details Magazine, it’s the world’s first TEAM inspired cycling workout. Don’t worry, you don’t have to come with a team – SWERVE will put you on one! Riders are divided into three teams (red, green, and blue) that compete against each other throughout class.

SWERVE allows you to track your performance right on your own bike. Only the team’s average scores are displayed on the scoreboards in class and your personal stats will be emailed to you after class. For an extra boost of energy, SWERVE offers a delicious Smoothie Bar with a variety of post-workout smoothies.


We sat down with Eric Posner, Co-founder and CEO of SWERVE Fitness to ask him a few questions.

Eventurously: What made you decide to take on this adventure?

Eric: Before starting SWERVE, my partners and I worked in Sales roles at Investment Banks. We began taking clients to fitness boutiques instead of the usual dinner or drinks because it enabled us to bond in a unique way, while also getting in a great workout. It created a powerful sense of camaraderie – something we all missed from our days of team sports. That’s where the idea for SWERVE, the first team inspired cycling workout was born.

Eventurously: What makes swerve different than SoulCycle or Flywheel?

Eric: SWERVE offers a unique workout structured around team competition and drills. Our core belief is that working out in teams makes fitness more fun and more effective. However, riders do NOT need to come with a team. Any individual rider can join a class by booking a bike on any team they prefer (red, blue, or green).

Our technology allows riders to see their personal scores on their console, and they can view their team’s average scores on the large scoreboards hanging in the studio. During class, riders can win extra points for their team through drills and sprints. Our instructors use the interactive technology to engage the class and utilize the team format to create an ice-breaker friendly environment that adds an extra layer of motivation.

Because each rider’s scores remain anonymous, there is no added pressure to perform – but when riders see others on their team working hard, trust me – it is contagious.

After class each rider is emailed his/her stats i.e. how many calories burned, miles biked, how they ranked in class, how they ranked on their team, etc. liDIS

Eventurously: What’s next for Swerve?

Eric: Expansion! Real Estate is the name of the game and we are currently looking in various cities across the US.

Event Blog Highlight: The Preppy Planner

Fact: there are thousands of event blogs on the interwebs these days. Fact: as event planners, we are always seeking out creative and fun event ideas, but are easily overwhelmed with the amount of unorganized information available online.

Insert: The Preppy Planner! Megan (aka The Preppy Planner) has one of the best event blogs we’ve stumbled upon. Megan is a southern girl 110% who draws inspiration from companies like Lilly Pulitzer & Vineyard Vines. Along with the event ideas and themes, she shares great DIY crafts that can easily be incorporate into any event.

We immediately became addicted to Megan’s blog, and reached out to her to learn more about her story, her experience as an event blogger, and what to expect next for The Preppy Planner!

Eventurously: Tell us a bit about yourself! What’s your story? And how did you end up blogging about all things events?

The Preppy Planner: Looking back on how I came into the events industry is an interesting story. When I was looking at colleges and picking a major I was not looking at hospitality and events programs (nor did I even know they existed). So, you are probably wondering how I ended up in events? Well, if I had to write down everything I did in high school and college in terms of clubs, leadership roles and internships you would see why. Every organization that I was a member of I was usually the one who planned the activities, managed the schedules, finalized the details, and kept track of everything. Without realizing it I had gravitated towards every planning, event or creative role. I (finally) came to this realization that I wanted to work in events sometime during my junior year of college and since then have dived into the events industry head first!

After I finished college (and started the inevitable job search) I started to get a little bored. I didn’t have all the extracurricular activities occupying my schedule anymore and was missing out on being involved in the planning and organizing of everything going on. I needed a creative outlet, and fast! That is when I started looking into blogging. It didn’t seem that hard to start and it seemed like the perfect solution to my current lack of events. I guess you could say the rest is history! Everything I share on the blog is everything I love: holiday celebrations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, races, tailgating, festivals, crafting, cooking, planning and more!

E: What’s the most interesting event you’ve ever blogged about?

TPP: I would have to say that I have blogged about some pretty cool things over the years. From bachelorette parties to backyard BBQ’s and fall football games to birthday parties, I have loved every event I have shared on the blog. I don’t know if you could call this the most interesting event, but one of my most favorite events that I have shared would be my best friend’s bachelorette party weekend. It was only a few months after I started the blog but I had so much fun sharing everything I did to plan and everyone had such a great time!


E: What’s next for The Preppy Planner?

TPP: The great thing about my blog is that it allows me to share my love for events, is flexible to my schedule and has the ability change and grow as I gain more experience in the event industry! Since I started the blog, almost two years ago (I can’t believe it has been that long!), I have already grown my social media footprint to include Pinterest, Twitter and most recently Instagram. I would have never guessed that I would learn so much about the events industry through starting a blog!

While blogging is only something I am able to do in my free time right now, over the next few years I would love to be able to transition into a position that would allow me to create, plan events, and blog full-time. Even though I try to plan out everything to a “T” (it’s the perfectionist in me!) who knows what will be next for me in the events industry!

Happy National Beer Day!

Happy National Beer Day!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Wisconsin”? Is it Green Bay Packers? Or Harley Davidson? What about the Wisconsin Badgers? Nope. The correct answer is beer. Beer, beer and more beer.

As Wisconsin natives, we pride ourselves on representing our state as best as possible in The Big Apple. In order to do just that, we’ve decided to share with you one of the most fantastic unofficial US holidays this country offers in hopes that you too will grab a Miller (or any beer) and celebrate with us. Happy National Beer Day!

So what is National Beer Day? Recognized nationwide among beer enthusiasts, today is the unofficial holiday celebrating the ability for people to buy, sell, and drink beer.

Lets back up a bit. Remember that dark, horrible time in US history called Prohibition when Herbert Hoover decided it was genius idea to ban the brewing, buying, selling, and consuming of beer in 1920? Hoover so beautifully stated, “Our country has deliberately undertaken a great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far-reaching in purpose.” A (failed) experiment it was, and 13 years Prohibition was no longer recognized.

On April 7th, 1933 FDR took the first step toward ending Prohibition by signing the Cullen-Harrison Act, allowing people to legally brew and sell beer as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume (ABV).

It’s even said that people waited in line overnight on April 6th (aka New Beers Eve) outside Milwaukee breweries  in order to legally buy beer for the first time in over 13 years.

So what now? Whether you prefer pale ale, stout, lager, or a cold can of Milwaukee’s Best, enjoy a pint of your favorite beer to celebrate National Beer Day!