Success Is the New Black: Amanda Drewek & Kelsey Silver of Eventurously

Thanks to our friend N.Y.Cc Girl in Pearls for the support!!

NYC Girl In Pearls


I originally met Amanda and Kelsey at my friend Yasmin’s pumpkin-carving party this past fall. While the subject of conversation should have been centered on carving ideas and Halloween plans, I couldn’t stop myself from asking the two best friends more about their event planning company, Eventurously. Both were extremely enthusiastic about building the company from the floor up, utilizing their wide skillset and innate talents that had caught the eyes of previous employers, like Facebook and Twitter. Naturally, when I started this series, I knew I had to find out how their experience of growing a successful company began, especially when it involved working with a best friend 24/7.

How did you two meet?

We met back in 1999 in our hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when our mutual friend decided to bail on our 7th grade sleepover. The two of us awkwardly talked about our favorite Britney Spears song…

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