Success Is the New Black: Amanda Drewek & Kelsey Silver of Eventurously

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I originally met Amanda and Kelsey at my friend Yasmin’s pumpkin-carving party this past fall. While the subject of conversation should have been centered on carving ideas and Halloween plans, I couldn’t stop myself from asking the two best friends more about their event planning company, Eventurously. Both were extremely enthusiastic about building the company from the floor up, utilizing their wide skillset and innate talents that had caught the eyes of previous employers, like Facebook and Twitter. Naturally, when I started this series, I knew I had to find out how their experience of growing a successful company began, especially when it involved working with a best friend 24/7.

How did you two meet?

We met back in 1999 in our hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when our mutual friend decided to bail on our 7th grade sleepover. The two of us awkwardly talked about our favorite Britney Spears song…

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Event Planner Highlight: Amanda Drewek and Kelsey Silver of Eventurously

Thanks to our friends at Fiestah for featuring us on their latest Event Planner Highlight blog!


IMG_1711 (1)

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview Amanda Drewek and Kelsey Silver – two fun and ambitious girls who hail from the mid-west. Together they founded Eventurously, a NYC-based event company offering event and marketing services to start-ups in NYC, and have worked with cool companies like Vine, Urban Compass and (cough), Fiestah ;).

So you’re going to want to read on for some pretty useful event-planning advice and tips from these two!

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Happy 1st Birthday to Eventurously!

photo (19)

Wow! We’ve made it to the cover of Rolling Stone!!! Just kidding, but we did make it to Eventurously’s 1st birthday! And what a whirlwind it’s been. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us in our journey to create the best events for companies all over New York City.

With so many fun memories, and amazing people we’ve met along the way, it’s hard to pick our favorite moment, but we’ve compiled a few highlights from the last 365 days below.

Urban Compass Milestone Party – Our First Event Ever!

Events With Our Babes Suzanne and Megan of RePopRoom!


Flavor Tripping Parties 1, 2, and 3 with Fiestah!

Pre-SXSW Mixer!

Twitter Summer Picnic in Prospect Park!

#StartupSweatSessions with Swerve!

And…Struggling Last Winter to Find Free Wi-Fi #nomads

We’ve already learned so much over the past year, and can’t wait to see what challenges we have yet to take on. Follow us as we continue our journey to build a company we are proud to call our own.

Happy 1st Birthday Eventurously!

But…Where Is The Free Wi-Fi?

When you’re on the go every day like we are, you want to find the best places with free wi-fi to access all of your super important emails. For us we have even found places like 16 Handles and The Apple Store…see below pictures for proof 🙂


Unfortunately, finding free Wi-Fi is not as easy as one would expect in NYC. It’s a well known fact that you can get free Wi-Fi at Starbucks, but that can get noisy, overcrowded and just plain old. Well, free wi-fi seekers, today is your lucky day because we’ve created a master list of some of our favorite spots to work from in NYC. You’re welcome.

East Village

Van Leeuwen

Cafe Moca


Greenwich Village

Kopi Kopi

16 Handles

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

West Village





Ace Hotel

Culture Espresso Bar

Hells Kitchen

The Cafe Grind

Flavor Tripping Party II


Flavor Tripping Party II

Miracle Berries. It’s the most intriguing new food trend of 2014, according to The Atlantic. But Eventurously and Fiestah are way ahead of the game! Back in May, we used these berries to throw our first Flavor Tripping Party at the Village Pourhouse. And on Tuesday, June 3rd we hosted a Flavor Tripping Party II at Hudson Terrace.

Quick recap if you’re asking yourself, “what are these miracle berries, and what is flavor tripping?” This centuries-old concept is the consumption of a miracle fruit that leaves a flavor-distorting effect on your tongue, dulling your sour taste bud receptors, ultimately making tangy things (e.g. lemons, grapefruits, vinegar) taste amazingly delicious.

After a very successful 1st flavor tripping party, we wanted to do it bigger and better. We secured a portion of the Hudson Terrace rooftop (with a retractable roof!) and began inviting our friends! But instead of partaking in the tripping this time, we wanted to capture people’s reactions. Here is a reaction compilation video, in all of it’s glory.


Work Out. Sweat It Out.


Let’s be honest – we’ve all made excuses not to go to the gym. “But I’m tired.” “But I need a manicure.” “But I missed Game of Thrones and need to watch it before I read what happens on Facebook.”

Since starting Eventurously, we’ve struggled with making fitness a priority in our daily routines. We easily get caught up in our work, and attend networking events in the afternoons/nights. But since starting to work for ourselves, we’ve realized that it’s vital to take a break during our busy day to get physical and work up a sweat. As the great Matthew McConaughey says, “sweat every day, no matter what”.

While writing this blog post, we turned to our friend Miki Agrawal and her book “Do Cool Sh*t” for our “startup sweat” inspiration. She writes about the healthy components of staying in shape, and the importance of physically pushing yourself for mental healthiness. It’s not diet and exercise, she says. It’s the ability to mentally reframe these terms and think about them in a whole new way. “Reframe the word diet and use the word power. Reframe the word exercise and use the word release”.

Since taking her advice, we’ve incorporated a “startup sweat” session into our daily routines. Some may find an easy “fix” like wearing Spanx or baggy clothes, but at some point sooner or later we’re going to have to get naked, and we may not be alone. We have found that the easiest way to get to the gym and boost our individual confidence and motivation is the support from one another. Finding a gym partner not only makes sweating more fun, but also holds each party accountable for going to the gym.

photo (13)

 Working out releases endorphins (natural uppers), and relieves stress and tension to improve your mood. So think of working out as a way powering up your body and releasing all the bad toxins – definitely something you don’t want to avoid!

Now think…how are YOU powering up your body on a daily basis?

From Wisconsin to NY With Love


5oz Factory

If you are from Wisconsin, you’ve definitely had cheese. And cheese curds. And cheese melts. And you’ve loved it.

When you moved to NYC, you had concerns about the East Coast’s lack of understanding and appreciation of such cheesy foods. Well fear no more, fellow Big Apple Wisconsinites, 5oz Factory (24 West 8th Street) is here to curb your cravings. Even if your taste buds haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing cheesy heaven, proud Wisconsin native Dan Schuman has opened his Greenwich Village doors to give all New Yorkers the opportunity to do so.

5oz Factory, which specializes in Wisconsin cheese melts and frozen custards, sources the dairy straight from Wisconsin.  Their overstuffed sandwiches come oozing with heaps of cheese, meat and veggies. We wanted to know more, so we  sat down with President and Founder Dan Schuman to ask him a few questions about his new adventure.

Eventurously: What was your inspiration for starting 5oz Factory?

5oz Factory: The inspiration was my childhood treats and loving dairy from Wisconsin and the catalyst for me actually opening the doors to a restaurant was that I didn’t think NYC had what I loved and it was generally hard to find frozen custard or a casual environment to enjoy melts.

E: What is your biggest win so far?

5oz: I think our biggest win is the satisfaction of customers that have tried our product. Understanding that not everyone is going to like your product as people have different taste buds and expectations, but the customer that appreciates what we are doing really enjoys what we have in my experience so far.

E: Whats next for 5oz Factory?

5oz: Continue strategic growth of our current location and determine what might be the next step after that. Really remains unknown as we react to the weather and other unexpected variables and our learning about how to make our experience better day in and day out.