People are always asking us what they can do to make their event pop…

Here are 5 of our favorite add-ons that have

been the highlight of parties we’ve worked on!


Photo booths are on our list of favorites, and companies like The Bosco and PHHHOTO have taken it to another level with their booth that creates animated gif images. Yes, it’s a gif making photo booth and it’s the ultimate fun party toy. The iPad camera starts a countdown and then records a few seconds of footage, which are looped into a GIF and uploaded online. You can beam them onto a wall with a projector at the event, share them on social media or browse them from your phone from a custom URL.

At the Urban Compass holiday party, the gif booth was the only camera that people lined up for.


If you have the budget, consider hiring a mixologist to make specialty cocktails during your event. Mixologists are versed in the craft of mixing drinks and use fresh ingredients and herbs to concoct them. We believe it’s the best use of your budget once you’ve secured the basics like venue and food. A Great American Gibson, a Cranberry Colins, or a Smoky Negroni, who wouldn’t dig that?



Music brings a certain energy to your event unlike anything else you can do. A solo cellist, a jazz pianist, a string quartet, take your pick of live music or go with a DJ. Our friends over at Gigzolo take the work out of finding the right musician. Their site is an online marketplace where you identify, listen to, and book musicians and live entertainment for events in NYC.



Everyone needs some black lights in their life now and again. We had a client who wanted something edgy for their event, so we created a blackout themed party using only black lights to light the space. We had glow sticks and white decor that gave the space an exciting vibe.



Bubbles may be primarily for kids but they’re fun at any age. One of our favorite out of the box add-ons has been a bubble show- so get creative and try something new for your next gig.

Guest Blog Post Written By:

Michelle A.


You Trippin?

photo (10).JPG


Imagine you enter a bar and walk to the back of the room where you approach a dark corner. Someone is waiting there and hands you a drink ticket and two red pills. They tell you to pop one into your mouth, let it dissolve, and you’ll start tripping within the next few minutes.

Sounds like something illegal? Not even close. You’re just one of the 150 attendees at the Flavor Tripping Party hosted by Eventurously and Fiestah.

This centuries-old concept is the consumption of a miracle fruit that leaves a flavor-distorting effect on your tongue, dulling your sour taste bud receptors, ultimately making tangy things (e.g. lemons, grapefruits, vinegar) taste amazingly delicious. These miracle berries are incidentally not a drug at all but are rather perfectly legal fruits.

We were beyond intrigued, and had to try it out for ourselves. We joined forces with Fiestah to find the flavor tripping tablets (thanks Mberry!), a venue, food, and attendees to come and give their taste buds a trip of a lifetime. At 6pm, people were at The Village Pourhouse ready to partake in this unique experience and we immediately began handing out these little red pills.

Once the tablets had dissolved on their tongues and they officially started tripping, we encouraged attendees to walk along the food tables and start taste testing. We offered a variety of foods ranging from bleu cheese, lemons and limes, and salt and vinegar chips, to hot sauce, carrots and vinegar. Each food had a voting sheet near to share individual thoughts on the new flavor tripping taste. You trippin? Or does it taste the same?

In one corner, Beanie Lau threw her head back to take a shot of hot sauce. “Wow, I usually can’t do this with hot sauce!” she exclaimed with a confused look on her face as she tried to understand the new taste in her mouth.

Across the the room, Andrew Herzog exclaimed, “WOW. That’s the sweetest citrus fruit ever. That’s amazing!” as he happily chewed on a lemon wedge. “Wait until you try the lime,” someone shouted from the other side of the table.

“These lemons taste like a pixie stick! Woah…” Kristina Vanni, a food blogger for Better Recipes posted on Instagram. Read more about her flavor tripping experience here.


People were tripping all around us, and it was awesome! At the end of the night, the attendees votes were heard: limes, lemons and grapefruits tasted drastically different (like sugar coated candy), vinegar tasted like sweet wine, and carrots and bleu cheese tasted the same (wamp wamp).

We wanted to officially thank everyone for trippin’ with Eventurously and Fiestah on a random Wednesday night. Check out more photos from the night here. We’ll be hosting a Flavor Tripping Party 2.0 in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for a bigger and better tripping opportunity…

We Live Eventurously…Care To Join?

Have you ever had to make a life changing decision? Have you ever left your job, broke up with your significant other, or packed up your life and moved to a new city? These are not light decisions to make, but sometimes what stands in between you and happiness is comfort. This comfort zone, although cozy and familiar, can hold you back from reaching your full potential.

We at Eventurously found that out together. Kelsey and Amanda – two girls born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, made our way to New York City in 2011 with no job, no apartment, and no career direction. Although we floated through a few jobs over the years, we were never fully satisfied.

Being best friends since we were 13, and both at continuous crossroads in our careers, we were looking for a drastic career (and life) change. Amanda was no longer interested in staying in her role at a law firm, and Kelsey was over working for a large technology company, but definitely did not want to leave the startup world. We both wanted/needed something new, but were terrified of change. After much discussion, and unconditional love and support from our family and friends, we decided we must quit our jobs and start fresh. What better person to completely leave your comfort zone with than your best friend? We dove in headfirst.

Next step was to figure out WHAT to do. What were we good at (besides being awesome)? Planning and organizing awesome events, that’s what! In October of 2013, Amanda and I incorporated and officially started Eventurously. We now pride ourselves on being the premiere event planning company catered to the event and marketing needs of startups in NYC. We’re able to say say that we’ve worked with incredible companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Vine, and Urban Compass. We’re learning something new every day, and have never been happier! Although some days are challenging, we’re in this together. We wake up every morning exciting to see what the day brings, and how we can better ourselves, each other, and Eventurously.

So what is your Living Eventurously take away? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Join us on our startup journey as we post about our company’s highs & lows, events, technology, New York City, and all things we deem epic (be prepared for multiple food posts and lots of laughs).

We Live Eventurously…Care To Join?